We are proud of Boeren van Amstel, a great new dairy brand that makes a direct positive contribution to the conservation of meadow birds in the Netherlands. We are also proud that we have seen this idea come to life as a committed partner and supporter in the past few years.

As they state themselves: ‘’You do not expect this. But right next to Amsterdam lies a unique area where farmers and meadow birds still go together. It is called Amstelland. Almost everywhere in the Netherlands meadow birds disappear. Thanks to the efforts of many farmers in Amstelland you can still hear the black-tailed godwit, lapwing, and redshank. Yet, this does not go effortlessly. We only maw large plots of our land after the breeding season and when the water level is high. With the dairy of the Boeren van Amstel, we do something extra for the birds and nature of Amstelland’’.