Landscape restoration

Continuous development of the Greener.LAND tool

By May 25, 2022 November 21st, 2022 No Comments

Thanks to a contribution from het Otterfonds, we will be able to further develop our Greener.LAND tool in the coming years. Greener.LAND is a tool that helps landowners find suitable landscape interventions to apply within their area. The tool has been utilized by as many as 20,000 users since 2019!

With the publication of the UN Global Land Outlook 2022 (GLO2) report last week, the need for landscape restoration became more apparent still. The report states that 40% of all lands worldwide have already been degraded. In effect, sufficient food production is becoming increasingly difficult to realize due to the depletion of soil and water resources. In addition, degradation of lands is magnifying biodiversity loss and causes more and more severe and rapid climate change since depleting soils  reduce the natural capacity of ecosystems to capture carbon. It is therefore essential that we focus on turning the tide. With Greener.LAND we try to give land users practical tools to get started with private efforts of greening their surroundings and practises. We achieve this, among others, by providing an ever-expanding list of intervention techniques and by using practical videos on how to easily apply such interventions.