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Relaunch lectureship “Earning Capacity for Nature-Inclusive Agriculture

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Founder of Naturesquared Daan Groot, former lecturer of the now completed lectureship “Innovative Entrepreneurship with Nature”, is now lecturer of a new lectureship: “Earning Capacity for Nature-Inclusive Agriculture.” This lectureship focuses on the ways in which new opportunities for nature-inclusive entrepreneurs can arise through a different interplay between farmers, society and government.

Fellow lecturer Erwin van Woudenberg will resign from HAS University of Applied Sciences after 4.5 years of lectureship. In recent years Erwin, together with Daan, has given substance to the lectureship “Innovative Entrepreneurship with Nature” and has initiated numerous innovative projects, always with the aim of increasing natural values and biodiversity through entrepreneurship. Examples include the nature field project, which is now being put into practice in cooperation with a farmer and boiler parties such as Suikerunie, as well as projects around scaling up the short chain and a fair price for farmers.

Although Erwin has always greatly appreciated the cooperation with HAS colleagues and students, he has come to the conclusion that the upscaling of nature-inclusive agriculture cannot be realized from the entrepreneurship of agricultural entrepreneurs alone. It is precisely this aformentioned entrepreneurship that drove Erwin in his work within the HAS and therefore he has decided not to accept a new term as lecturer.

Daan Groot started a new term as lecturer last fall. Building on the conclusions from his first term, he will focus on the ways in which new opportunities can arise for nature-inclusive entrepreneurs through a different interplay between farmers, society and government, for example by adding value to social services and rewarding farmers in other ways for the contribution they make to issues such as biodiversity and climate.


To mark the completion of the lectureship “Innovative Entrepreneurship with Nature”and the start of the lectureship “Earning Capacity for Nature-Inclusive Agriculture”, Daan and Erwin are organizing an afternoon filled with experiences and the knowlegde resulting from their endeavours on April 6th, 2022. More information will follow soon on this website.


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