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First meeting regenerative dairy farming

By November 21, 2023 No Comments

Last spring we started a research project on the earning potential of regenerative dairy farming. For this project, together with and Alan Accountants and Advisors, among others, we are investigating the earning potential of regenerative dairy farming. Can farmers who adopt a more nature-inclusive form of agriculture as a business model, earn a good living? In what way does the business model differ from that of a reference group, and how does it work out on balance?

We shared the first answers to these questions on August 24th with the participating farmers affiliated with, all located in ‘het Groene Hart’.  By means of overview tables, graphs and analyses, we helped ourselves and the farmers find their way through the large amount of data, and on the basis of these analyses, we were already able to make some tentative observations about the earning potential of nature-inclusive dairy farming. In the near future, we will hold another meeting with the farmers from the Northern Netherlands affiliated with Living Lab Fryslân.

In addition, a closing event will be organized this fall at which the most important results from this study will be made public. During this event we will share the insights gained in our study as well as our conclusions and recommendations. Interested in attending this event? Please send an email to