The ‘Ereprijs’ of the province of Overijssel is a green award for entrepreneurs within the agricultural sector, the leisure economy and business parks. Besides biodiversity, the focus of this competition is on natural capital. Natural capital is about the interaction between economy and ecology; entrepreneurship with nature benefits both the company and nature. For the province of Overijssel, Nature^Squared have previously carried out the project Natural Capital in Balance. The Ereprijs builds on this project. 

Nature^Squared has been asked to help to organize the competition and to provide substantive and process-based support. After previous provincial awards for the province of Utrecht (the Green Crown) and the province of Noord-Holland (the Golden Roerdomp), we aim to raise the profile of biodiversity and the value of nature in the province of Overijssel with the Ereprijs.

Image: Maarten de Vries

The registration process for the competition will be open until the 1st of March 2020. All participants are offered a free consultation (with N2) and the winner of each category will receive €10,000. The final event will take place in mid-April, when the three greenest entrepreneurs will be announced who combine a ‘plus’ on their enterprise with biodiversity!

More information about the competition can be found here [link] (in Dutch).