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Projects: Natural Capital in Overijssel

Natural Capital in Overijssel

To the province of Overijssel, ‘using, experiencing and protecting’ nature is key. Having insight into the economic value of nature can lead to synergies between economy and ecology. To this end, Nature-Squared has measured the value of natural capital for the agricultural sector, leisure, and manufacturing industry, and provided with an overview of opportunities for business and entrepreneurs to incorporate natural capital into their businesses.

In collaboration with GIS-frontrunner Geodan, we have used datasets and several scientific models to create maps that provide information on subjects such as natural pest management, soil carbon storage, heat stress at business parks and biomass supplies. In addition, we have collaborated with sector ambassadors and entrepreneurs to create a plan of how to put the examples into practice.

The final product consists of a number of inspiring foldable maps. These show diverse views on the state of Natural Capital in Overijssel combined with experiences of front-runners, best practices and tools to support entrepreneurs. The foldable maps are action-oriented so that entrepreneurs become informed about inspiring proposals in which making a living with nature is central. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to take an extra step towards a more diverse landscape and nature-oriented business. Differentiation based on biodiversity is the key message of the final product. Examples of these include amongst others the application of flowering field edges, transforming a paved business park into a green oasis, and the transition of a regular campsite to a nature campsite!

All maps can be viewed below (in Dutch).