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Services & areas of expertise

Rural areas

Agriculture and nature are strongly connected but have been separated by rules and regulations for years. Agriculture has expanded exponentially and biodiversity has dropped significantly during past years. At the same time, farmers often do not benefit from this agricultural expansion. We work on the agricultural transition and develop business models in which working with nature can also result in earning more money: how to earn a decent living while improving biodiversity. We focus on models that do not depend on subsidy.

A New business models
We develop new business models with and for entrepreneurs, mostly in the agricultural sector.

B Policy development
How can governments accelerate the (agricultural) transition in rural areas?

Daan Groot and Erwin van Woudenberg are appointed professors “Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas” at HAS University of Applied Sciences.

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Case studies

A future for the Bovenkerkerpolder

Nature^Squared has developed several models to protect migratory meadow birds without subsidies in the Bovenkerkerpolder.

Paying for Nature

Nature^Squared has researched the possibilities for setting up Payments for Ecosystem Services within the Netherlands.

Green cities

Worldwide, cities will become the most important places where people live. Mankind is not the only species attracted to cities - animals often start to feel more and more comfortable in urban environments. Regreening of cities and villages has, therefore, become a priority to stop the worldwide decline of biodiversity. Moreover, a green environment often means a healthy environment. An environment that can resist extreme weather circumstances (climate adaptation). How are we going to arrange this green city of the future? And how are we going to express the green benefits into monetary benefits, in order to pay together for these challenges? Nature^Squared has its own ideas and solutions.

A. Green Cities Finance Lab
Your organization has lots of green ideas and ambitions. Nature and green represent economic wealth, as you might already know. The question ‘who pays for these benefits?’ usually keeps arising. In our Green Cities Finance Lab, we organize the quest for viable economic models to finance green cities. We use workshops, guide processes and perform studies to discover how stakeholders can finance green in your environment. We offer these services and insights in a ‘light version’ as well in the form of a ‘Masterclass Urban Green’.

B. Process facilitator/Inspirators/Chair/Workshop supervisor
How do you translate inspiration into concrete actions? And how do you connect with all the stakeholders you need to achieve results? Nature^Squared has plenty of experience in guiding meetings, brainstorms, as well as long-term projects in which greener cities are the main goal.

Because of our innovative ideas we are often asked to join strategic meetings, congresses or other meetings in which new perspectives on green and nature are required.

Tailor-made service
All people and organizations are unique. We, therefore, offer customized services and projects. Contact us through to get the conversation started.

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Case studies

TEEB for cities

Nature^Squared has supported the community TEEB for cities and collaborated on the development of the web environment of the TEEB for cities tool.

Factsheet Green Cities

Companies & supply chains

Most companies are already working on becoming more sustainable, for example by using sustainable energy sources, reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses and by controlling waste and efficient water use. Although these are all relevant topic, we at
Nature^Squared have developed a comprehensive model to address sustainability in an integrated approach.

We distinguish 7 important themes: biodiversity, soil, climate, water use, water quality, air quality and (change of) land use. Together these themes make up a 360 perspective on sustainability when it comes to Planet.

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We assist companies with becoming truly sustainable. Our work is characterized by our pragmatic approach and our understanding of the connection between ecology en economics.

A Sustainability policies
We assist companies with the development and implementing sustainability policies regarding biodiversity and natural capital.

B Natural Capital Accounting
As Technical Advisor of the Natural Capital Protocol, we can help companies by mapping their connections with natural capital and biodiversity.

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Case study

Biodiversity strategy Royal A-ware

Nature^Squared has developed the biodiversity strategy of Royal A-ware, one of the largest dairy companies of the Netherlands.

Landscape restoration

Landscape restoration is the main sustainability theme for the next decade - the UN is going to name 2021-2030 “the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration”. Nature^Squared has abundant experience in the field of landscape restoration programmes.

A. Design
We aid landscape restoration project with connecting ecology and economy, already during the design phase. This way, we help create projects that simultaneously generate a positive socio-economic impact and ecological impact.

B. Sustainable Land Management practices
Ecosystems degrade under pressure of economic drivers. We make sure that after finishing a project, we have created a landscape in which economic drivers maintain and improve the landscape. We, therefore, look at yield improvement, diversification, added value creation and connection to supply chain partners.

C. Financing
Although landscape restoration is mainly financed with subsidies, we work towards financing constructions to connect private money and to develop ‘bankable’ business cases. Blended Finance, Outcome Payments, Payments for Ecosystem Services, First Loss, Junior Loans; these might be terms that make your head spin, but we know our way around them and can help you develop creative but robust financing models.

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Case study


Justdiggit is on a mission: cooling down the planet. We assist them on their mission.