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To make Dutch society more nature-inclusive, we need to act quickly. The longer we wait, the faster the costs will mount and the longer the road to recovery and improvement will become.

Countless practical steps and tools are now in place. The key now is take action on these measures. These are the main conclusions from the Investment Agenda.

Commissioned by the Programmabureau Agenda Natuurinclusief, Nature^Squared has drafted the Nature-inclusive Investment Agenda, in collaboration with Rebel and drafted in co-creation with stakeholders from the different domains of the Collectief Natuurinclusief.

To get off to a good start, the emphasis is on the short term (2024-2026) to coincide with the implementation of Agenda 2.0. The long-term benefits of nature inclusivity are becoming increasingly clear, as are the steps needed to attain them.

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Investment agenda outline

The Nature-inclusive Investment Agenda has turned the ideas from the Nature-inclusive Agenda 2.0 into specific actions. It aims to build a society and economy that is both nature-inclusive and multifaceted, offering various options for leverage points, tools, and measures. Short-term activities enable benefits in the long run to be realized in the realms of construction, energy, finance, health, infrastructure, agriculture, education, leisure economy, water and business parks.

Cross-domain findings

  • Lagging investments
  • Nature offers great (social) value
  • Nature is affordable
  • Little validated insight
  • Prevention is better and cheaper
  • Nature as part of the solution
  • Public-private collaboration

About the Nature-inclusive Agenda

On November 8, the Collective Naturinclusief presented and handed over the Nature-inclusive Agenda 2.0 to Ministers Van der Wal and De Jong.
Agenda 2.0 provides insight into what is already in effect and helps set priorities for 2024-2026. From ten public-private domains, visions and strategies have been developed with inspiring examples and points of action. The document also explores potential investments. In doing so, frontrunners from the ten domains demonstrate what can be achieved to realize significant goals in a short timeframe, making the document ambitious, optimistic, and compelling.

  • We are working on concrete actions and visible results;
  • We are working on changing attitudes and behaviours;
  • Connecting and strengthening positive energy in cooperation with social, private and public parties;
  • Ensuring a good balance between top-down and bottom-up efforts;
  • We strategically build on existing elements, address gaps, and remove obstacles. This approach establishes the necessary conditions to promote the nature-inclusive movement;
  • We work integrally with social initiatives and other transition realms, including climate, water and soil, circular and environmental.

Everyone who contributes to the nature-inclusive movement is part of the Nature-inclusive Collective. Everyone is welcome and needed.

Ten domains

  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Financial sector
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Leisure Economics
  • Water
  • Business parks

“Investing in nature pays off across all aspects of society. Time is of the essence, and the returns from taking action to integrate nature inclusiveness will far exceed the current costs we bear for it.”

André van der ZandeNature-inclusive Ambassador

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