Biodiversity strategy Royal A-ware

Client:Royal A-ware

CategorySupply Chains

As part of their sustainability programme, Royal A-ware, one of the largest dairy companies of the Netherlands, wants to take a proactive role on the topic of biodiversity. On behalf of Royal A-ware, Nature^Squared has advised on the biodiversity component within their sustainability programme. The starting point was a bottom-up approach where Royal A-ware seeks to align already existent initiatives on biodiversity among their farmers. Personal conversations have been held with approximately 140 farmers. Based on these conversations, we have provided insight into what farmers are already doing and compiled a list with measures that farmers who aim to support biodiversity can take.

De 67 measures have been divided into four categories:

  • Collaboration
  • Meadow
  • Landscape
  • Around the farm

Collaboration between farmers and between farmers and farmer cooperations is important as one farmer alone cannot incorporate all measures: some measures cannot be combined on one location. Collaborating smartly can enhance biodiversity.

Special attention goes out to meadow areas. Advice is giving to preserve meadow birds, as well as to maintain soil health and a clean ditch. Landscape elements such as bushes, pollard willows, wood clusters, and hedges are essential for shelter and natural corridors for animals. The map can provide you with ideas on how to find, create or improve these natural elements.

This project also focused on the farmyard: small adjustments to the farmyard can have a major impact on biodiversity. We have a range of examples of simple measures that farmers can take.

The most relevant results of this research were that almost all farmers are already taking biodiversity-related measures, in some cases even more than they were aware of. It has also been found that there is no direct link between the size of the company and the intensity and number of measures being taken in support of biodiversity.

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