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Crop Field/Nature Field

By November 19, 2018 April 23rd, 2020 No Comments

The Crop Field/Nature field project brings together crop agriculture and biodiversity in one and the same acre of land. A radically different approach, but feasible nevertheless, it created a landscape design and crop rotation that combines economic outputs with biodiversity levels similar to nature reserves. It aims to challenge thinking and making it near impossible to determine whether it should be regarded as a crop field or nature conservation area. The approach is scalable by using conventional crops.

The concept has been invented by Nature^Squared and has been further developed by HAS University of Applied Science students Susanne van Caam and Lotte Embregts under the research program Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas, chaired by Nature-Squared founders Erwin van Woudenberg en Daan Groot. It won the Brood en Spelen competition that was initiated by the Board of Government Advisors, aimed at creating new perspectives for rural areas.