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Positive results on pilot ‘goose chase’ after Nature^Squared’s recommendations

By December 8, 2023 March 13th, 2024 No Comments

A pilot study with positive results took place in Eemland (Utrecht) regarding the coordinated chasing of (Pink-footed) geese. This pilot took place in response to recommendations made by Nature^Squared in the report ‘Innovations in fauna management’.

Last winter (2022/’23), the Utrecht Fauna Management Unit carried out this pilot in cooperation with the province of Utrecht, LTO Noord, Game Management Unit de Eem, the goose cluster and (meadow bird) Collective Eemland. Year-round geese can cause a lot of damage and nuisance on the agricultural pastures in the area in early spring. Making these goose-grazing grassland plots a much less suitable habitat for migratory meadow bird species. To put a halt to this, the Fauna Management Unit, together with local stakeholders, has set up an area-specific goose-hunting approach with the aim of reducing the damage and nuisance caused by geese in the area.
To achieve this, an area (geese) coordinator was appointed, who ensured that geese were chased away of the area several times daily by using laser light, drones and sound effects, among other things. In addition, this coordinator ensured that the efforts of the various volunteers across the area were coordinated. The result of this area-based and planned approach yielded a significant reduction, as much as 50%, in damage occurring in the area. The results of the pilot can be found here.

Following these positive results, preparations are currently underway for continuing the pilot, and we at Nature^Squared continue to follow the fauna management dossier closely.

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