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Attention to biodiversity within the built environment at knowledge meeting

By December 8, 2023 March 13th, 2024 No Comments

A knowledge meeting on the Species Management Plan (SMP) was held on Tuesday, Nov. 21, at the Utrecht Provincial Building. Here, Nature^Squared helped Utrecht municipalities strengthen biodiversity in the built environment.

The purpose of this knowledge meeting is to clarify and prioritise the bottlenecks experienced with regard to SMP. In follow-up meetings we will hone in on the main bottlenecks. Municipalities experience stamping the SMP within their own municipal organisation as the most important bottleneck, so next time we will zoom in on what the SMP coordinator can do to make the SMP workable within their own organisation. At a later stage, we will delve deeper into topics such as communication to individuals and housing associations, and the lack of ecological capacity.

Since SMP is a relatively new subject to municipalities, SMP coordinators within them are pioneering the way in biodiversity conservation, emphasising the cruciality of exchanging experiences and learning from each other’s insights.

The knowledge meetings are part of an assignment we are conducted for the Province of Utrecht. The purpose of the assignment is to help municipalities strengthen biodiversity in the built environment through proper application of the SMP. More and more municipalities in Utrecht are starting to have an SMP, but it has become apparent that having an SMP doesn’t always mean that it has been properly implemented. That is precisely where Nature^Squared adds value by acting as a campaigner, facilitating knowledge-sharing and creating subsequent results.

For more information in the possibilities around biodiversity in the built environment, contact Tom Meijer (06-19301182,