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Nature-inclusive Agenda 2.0

By December 1, 2023 March 26th, 2024 No Comments

On Nov. 3, the vision document was presented to outgoing Minister Van der Wal, the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives. The Nature-inclusive Agenda 2.0 sets our course towards a nature-inclusive society by 2050. A society where more and more parties will operate, think and act in a nature-benefitting way. The Agenda connects, involves and activates public and private parties so that we eventually integrate nature into all our social, economic and spatial decisions.

The focus is on strengthening the 70% of non-protected nature across the Netherlands in which we live, work, travel, play and recreate every day. From nature in a meadow and farmyard to the urban backyard and street, from recreation area to business park. Agenda 2.0 provides insight into what is already happening and helps set priorities for the years 2024-2026. From ten public-private domains, visions and strategies have been developed with inspiring examples and points of action. Possible investments are also discussed. In this way, green frontrunners from the ten domains show what is possible to attain major ambitions in a short amount of time.

Nature^Squared made an important contribution to creating the vision document by drafting the chapter around the Investment Agenda and supporting the different domains in streamlining their actions.