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Toekomstversnellers (Future accelerators) province of North Holland

By November 16, 2023 March 13th, 2024 No Comments

Last September 21st, the network platform Green Capital of the province of North Holland launched the program ‘Toekomstversnellers Buitengewoon Noord-Holland’ (‘Future Accelerators Extraordinary North Holland’). This program aims to speed up socio-economically valuable ideas from initiatives in the rural area. Therefore, the province of North Holland has set up a competition within the program, which we are helping the province to organise!

Structure of the contest
From the Provincial Rural Area Program (PPLG), a jury chooses one top idea per region. For the duration of one year, the 5 top ideas selected will then receive guidance in the form of advice, knowledge, network contacts and coaching. In addition, each top idea receives a financial contribution of €5,000 that can be used at their own discretion to implement the ideas. Finally, attention will be paid to the prize-winning ideas through the province’s (social) media channels. The possibility of a free consultation is also available for all entrants, not only for the initiators of the top ideas.

So if you are or know someone with a potentially award-winning idea, please register via the website. (Ideas were accepted until December 1 at the latest.)

Additional information on the format and terms of ‘Toekomstversnellers Buitengewoon Noord-Holland’ can be found here.