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Online course on integrated capitals thinking

By December 21, 2021 December 22nd, 2021 No Comments

How can business understand and include the value of nature and people in their decision-making? To support businesses on that journey, we have been asked by Capitals Coalition and the World Business Council of Sustainable Development (as part of the We Value Nature Campaign) to develop an e-learning course. The course is aimed at (business) learners across the globe, working in various sectors, who would like to learn more about natural, social and human capital and how to integrate these values into their business processes.

We are developing the course from head to tail and are creating course instructor videos, readings, quizzes and exercises to optimize the learning process. A natural, social or human capitals assessment can be complex. But the varied and interactive set-up of the course will help guide learners along their capitals journey. These videos encompass a major part of the training. Here, our instructors guide learners through integrating natural, social and human capital into business decision making. For producing these videos, we collaborated with Hustle Creatives.

The course will be available on Coursera and will consist of four modules. The first two modules will cover all capitals. In the next two modules, we will focus specifically on natural capital and help learners get started with conducting a natural capital assessment. Throughout the course, we will feature examples of frontrunner companies who will share their experiences to inspire learners and to provide practical guidance on the different steps of a capitals journey.

To ensure that the E-learning course is relevant to our business audience, we will provide businesses with the opportunity to become part of the beta-testing process which we will organize at the start of 2022. The course will be officially launched in March 2022. Stay tuned, and register your interest here to keep stay updated!