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Exploring the future of the Holendrechterpolder

By September 9, 2019 April 23rd, 2020 No Comments

On behalf of Stichting Duurzaam Agrarisch Natuurbeheer (DAN), Vogelbescherming, and Landschap Noord-Holland, Nature^Squared has carried out an exploration into the Holendrechterpolder.  

The Holendrechterpolder is a unique area, situated in between two major highways leading to Amsterdam: the A2 en A9. It’s a small area that is of great value to the entrepreneurial farmers and the meadow birds. Throughout the years, the Holendrechterpolder has undergone many changes: the area has decreased in size, a highway has been built, the number of active farmers has fallen, land positions have fallen into the hands of governments, and part of the area has recently been converted into nature. These developments also signal opportunities for the area. The polder can be further developed into a demonstration site on the combination of meadow bird management and extensive agricultural use. Het Landje Van Geijsel provides a good example of how this can go hand-in-hand and is known in the region. The proximity of Amsterdam is favorable and provides additional opportunities for alternative business cases.

The team of Nature^Squared has immersed themselves in the area and has spoken with residents and active farmers in and around the area about their ideas for the future of the Holendrechterpolder. Ultimately, it is about what the people involved want with their area and what role they see for themselves. In addition, we have had conversations with stakeholders outside the area to gather inspiration for ideas and initiatives. We have shared these proposed ideas with the farmers and residents in the area for whom it served as interesting found food for thought. In the follow-up phase, the stakeholders in the area will reflect upon their own role. To be continued.