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Building the Business Case for Grass Seed Banks

By May 16, 2023 No Comments

To support our long standing partner Justdiggit in their efforts to generate spin-off for their landscape restoration programme in Kenya , our colleague Daan traveled to Nairobi to conduct an intensive deep dive on the development of a Landscape Restoration Enterprise.

Restoring landscapes provides with all kinds of opportunities for spin-off business opportunities, as it lays the foundation in the landscape for human welfare and productivity. Justdiggit identified the opportunity for the growing and marketing of resilient pasture seeds already some years ago and has since piloted this approach with nine women groups. Now is the time to decide whether this approach can be scaled up and deliver benefits to much more women groups. To this end, we planned a full week of workshops on exploring the financial model, developing a business plan and to do all kinds of analysis to determine the feasibility.

This intensive week has lead to the outlines of a business plan, a financial model with scenario’s and a good understanding of the remaining steps. Justdiggit can now proceed to finalise the business plan and to make the final decision on this interesting opportunity.

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Nature^Squared has previously performed a feasibility study on this opportunity and is delighted to be involved once more to bring this great project to reality.