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Peel Natuurdorpen

By March 22, 2021 April 23rd, 2021 No Comments

Mid-March, we enjoyed an inspiring day at the Boekel town hall, where we met with the initiators of the project Peel Natuurdorpen (Peel Natural Villages). The heart of this project is the development of 3500 hectares of newly established nature with 5-6 natural villages in the Peel. These villages span 500-600 hectares, where a maximum of 3 tiny houses per hectare ensures that future inhabitants can enjoy the surrounding nature. These are high ambitions, resulting in 3500 hectares of nature and 10.000 homes! This will not only ensure a more robust and attractive landscape but will also present opportunities for sustainable agriculture and a decrease in nitrogen emissions. Farmers can use the income from renting out tiny houses to decrease the intensity of livestock farming and its pressure on the environment. The plan furthermore contributes to ensuring cheap housing in a healthy, sustainable environment.

This beautiful plan is in line with the principles set out by the Testlab New Nature and Compact Living. We will therefore aid the initiators Jan Ottens, Pierre Bos and Annie Martens in achieving their goal, where we will mostly assist in overcoming legal and political obstacles. The first goal: realising a pilot area of at least 100 hectares. We’ll keep you posted!