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A green plus for climate adaptation

By November 12, 2019 April 23rd, 2020 No Comments

The consequences of our changing climate are increasingly visible. Dry, hot summers cause heat records and water shortages, and heavy rainfall leads to flooded streets and water damage. We at Nature^Squared see nature-based solutions and green infrastructure as the solution to arm cities and villages better against extreme weather, and at the same time increase urban biodiversity. Our former intern Benthe Timmermans has looked into how municipalities can get started with this.

The Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation requires municipalities to carry out ‘climate stress tests’. Many municipalities will therefore already be working on climate adaptive measures. And these measures can go very easily hand in hand with improving biodiversity. By ‘smart linking’, multiple goals can be achieved, sometimes even without extra use of space and costs. Timing is key here. By working with climate adaptation during maintenance work or new construction projects, a green plus can be achieved.

The white paper below provides practical examples of smart links and shows opportunities to get started with climate adaptation. Are you interested as a municipality and want to know more about how to implement a green plus for biodiversity? We would like to think along with you in a practical and action-oriented way about how climate and biodiversity can be linked to the urban challenges of the future.  

Download the white paper through this link: “Een groene plus voor klimaatadaptatie” (only in Dutch).