Knowledge publication on Solidaridad’s Learning Agenda on Landscape Innovation

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Nature^Squared was asked by Solidaridad to create an inspiring learning document, combining the lessons learned from five years of Solidaridad’s Learning Agenda on Landscape Innovation (2016-2020). In 2016, Solidaridad started embracing the landscape approach based on the understanding that sustainability challenges expand beyond the farm gate of producers, beyond supply chain partnerships and beyond a commodity focus. With this new point of departure, they initiated seven landscape programs across the world. With the report, we wanted to document their learning journey and highlight the key lessons learned. Based on these key insights, we have argued how a landscape approach will remain useful for Solidaridad and how its core values of inclusion and empowerment can strengthen Solidaridad’s new strategy for 2021 – 2025.

To encourage people to read the report and augment the reach of the lessons learned, we have created a visually appealing report with a coherent structure, following the five building blocks for Solidardidad’s landscape approach: multi-stakeholder approaches, landscape knowledge, business in landscapes, landscape governance and landscape finance. Readers are introduced to the report by landscape practioners from Zambia, Tanzania, Paraguay, Nicaragua and Honduras who share their messages in Voices from the Landscape. We have enabled readers to see the key lessons learned at a glance and have created a page that helps readers navigate easily through the report.

This report gives tangible insights into the landscape approach and is a must read for everyone who works in and with landscapes.

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