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What is Greener.LAND?

Landscape restoration has increasingly been in the spotlight due to the growing problem of land degradation and biodiversity loss. Degraded soils have a reduced capacity to provide ecosystem services such as healthy soils for growing crops  and freshwater availability. This poses an increasing threat to biodiversity, communities’ livelihoods, their potential for economic growth and development, and resilience against climate change. By restoring lands, ecosystems can regain their important ecological functions which provide services and maintain land uses for current and future generations.

Though there are many actions we can take to begin to restore degraded lands, knowing where to start is a difficult feat. Landscape restoration encompasses a wide range of interventions which vary according to the type of land and the situation, making it complex to know where to start and how – this is why Greener.LAND was created!

Greener.LAND has been developed as a collaboration between Nature^Squared, Justdiggit, and SamSamWater, with the aim of  making landscape restoration accessible to everyone. We see enormous potential for bottom-up action and sharing of learnings and successful practices, and want to help landowners and farmers around the world restore their ecosystems.

This is why Greener.LAND is a free open-source online tool that highlights restoration interventions practised worldwide and guides the users through the process of choosing the most suitable interventions,  with clear details on how to put them into practice.

It is easy to use, yet it summarises professional and proven techniques with clear instructions on how to perform them in a practical manner.

Greener.Land is gaining visibility

Since its launch, Greener.LAND has been used by more than 20,000 people and has recently been featured in an article of CNN! We always wanted to expand this free online tool and thanks to Otterfonds’ support we can now officially start.

Going forwards, we hope to include more content on landscape restoration interventions across  a wider range of landscape types,  with an optimised user interface.

In the future, we hope to be able to reach even more landowners and support them in reclaiming their land and restoring ecosystem health. Greener.LAND provides landowners with insights into creating a greener and healthier environment, whilst helping them to restore and preserve the land and its ecosystem services for them and the future generations.

View the tool here!
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