State of the art & tailor-made  biodiversity advisory and natural capital insights.

Without biodiversity, no thriving businesses. We help you make sense of complexity and translate insights into actions.

We face an alarming rate of biodiversity loss. About 25% of all species are threatened, meaning that around 1 million species already face extinction, many within decades. But what can you do as a (small or medium-sized) company to reverse this trend and make a positive contribution to biodiversity, benefitting not only the planet but also your business operations and your clients?

At Nature^Squared we offer our expertise on business & biodiversity and support firms on their journey to integrate biodiversity into business decision-making. We do this by assessing a company’s connection with nature, developing a strategy, and providing implementation support. With our pragmatic mindset, we can offer on-demand advice and tailor-made support focused on creating rapid change in business operations to help preserve natural resources and boost economic performance.


Together, we will identify key areas of change and explore what type of support is preferred. We are experienced in leading the different phases of the sustainability trajectory: from analyzing the company’s impacts and dependencies on nature and performing a materiality analysis, to developing a biodiversity strategy and action plan, and providing concrete implementation support. We take the time to get to know you so we can offer advice and practical guidance in areas that matter most to your business. We work in close collaboration and effectively respond to developments arising along the way.

Our approach starts with two workshops to help you and your colleagues understand how your business interacts with nature and what your main impacts and dependencies are. This helps you to identify which business operations to focus on for creating a positive changes that is also material to your business. We will translate these insights into a concrete action plan on biodiversity. Next to the workshops, we can organize regular meetings to support with the implementation and to discuss progress. Do you wish biodiversity to be fully taken care of? We can also act as your external sustainability manager, providing on the job support for strategy development and implementation.

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Our values

Pragmatic & action-oriented

By providing an integrated quickscan of your company’s relationship with nature, we can quickly assess where your sustainability efforts should be focused on. Knowing the reality of small and medium-sized enterprises, we can advice practical steps to take and provide on-demand implementation support for sustainable solutions.

Straight-forward in making sense of complexity

We make complex information understandable for a wide public. By presenting the key highlights in a structured and visual manner, we help you to quickly interpret your business’ impacts and dependencies on nature and to identify key areas for improvement. Visual outputs such as a dashboard help you to communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

Dedicated & tailor-made support

We are a boutique project office which allows us to offer our clients tailor-made support. We take the time to get to know you so we can focus our efforts in areas that matter most and support you with activities where you lack the capacity and where we can add most value to your business. We work in close collaboration and effectively respond to developments arising along the way.

4 Business Cases to take action on Biodiversity

Develop and strengthen your sustainability strategy

Get a better understanding of your risks and dependencies, prioritise your sustainability efforts, link them to the Sustainable Development Goals and above all do the right things.

Increase brand value

Consumers demand more responsible and sustainable operations from companies. Our service helps you to show them what you are doing.

Improve business operations

Identify sub-optimal business practices and inefficient natural resource usage and receive feedback to act upon it.

Anticipate on regulation

Get a frontrunner advantage in among others (government) tenders and regulation by building a track record and reporting on biodiversity, climate and natural capital.

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