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Projects: Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas

"Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas" Research Program

HAS University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with the Province of Noord-Brabant, has created a research program on Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas. The goal of this research program is to develop knowledge concerning earning models for new, unsubsidized nature. As of 1 January 2017, Daan and Erwin, founders of Nature^Squared, have both been appointed professors at HAS University of Applied Sciences to chair this research program.

At Nature^Squared we are convinced that nature and economy are not excluding, but that in fact reinforcing. This is also reflected in this research programme, whereby the focus is on (nature inclusive) agriculture. Within the research program, diverse strategies are being researched on how farmers can do more for nature while simultaneously making money out of it: earning a good living with nature.

During the four years of the research program, research is being carried out on the basis of concrete, visible projects together with entrepreneurs. Within HAS, we work with a team of six researchers. Moreover, the research program has a leading role in translating new knowledge into the regular curriculum.

Earning a good living with nature

As part of the Inaugural Address, the book "Earning a good living with nature" has been published, in which we describe the most important themes of the research program and our view on related opportunities and obstacles (only available in Dutch).