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About us

Nature^Squared is committed to creating a truly sustainable Earth on which people, companies, and societies prosper. According to us, nature is the starting point to reach that goal and biodiversity is the engine behind a planet that can provide us in our needs.

Our story

Nature^Squared is guided by the idea that the way we look at nature is fundamentally wrong. Nature is often seen as an expense and cost-base. The idea that a choice should be made between nature and economy prevails. We believe that nature is essential for us, humans and that our ecosystems represent a tremendous wealth, not only ecologically but economically as well.

We have summarised our vision of the value of nature in a short movie.


The idea arises

The idea for Nature^Squared arises.


Jump into the deep

Nature^Squared is officially established.


Our first employee

We reinforce our team by hiring a new employee for the first time.


Setting up a research program

Daan and Erwin are both appointed professor ‘Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas’ at HAS University of Applied Sciences to developed and manage this four-year research program.


Five years

Nature^Squared celebrates its five-year existence and has grown to a team of five.



Nature^Squared has been nominated for the ‘green prize’ on Sustainable Tuesday and has emerged as #75 on the Sustainable 100, after joining the Young Sustainable 100 and the Food100 earlier.


Nature^Squared is a member and Technical Advisor of the Natural Capital Coalition, a member of the Business@Biodiversity platform, set up by the European Commission, and a member of the Ecosystem Services Partnership.


Daan Groot

Erwin van Woudenberg

Iris Visser

+31 6 - 38 24 88 97

+31 6 - 179 002 77

+31 6 - 302 306 44

A real system thinker, Daan acts as a ‘spider in the web’. Founded Nature^Squared in 2012 together with Erwin, because he is convinced that nature restoration is part of the solution for almost all of the major challenges we are currently facing: climate change, inequality, health, and migration. Daan regularly acts as moderator/facilitator and workshop leader. He was acknowledged as one of the most influential sustainability professionals of The Netherlands, being included on the Sustainable 100, as well as on the Food100 (2017), Young Sustainable 100 (2018, 2017, 2014), and was nominated for the VHG Green Award on Sustainable Tuesday on behalf of Nature^Squared. Daan is professor ‘Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas’ at the HAS University of Applied Sciences since 2017 and together with Erwin, he published the book ‘Earning a good living with Nature’ (only in Dutch). Daan graduated cum laude as a political scientist with a specialization on International Relations and started his first job at Deloitte (2005-2009).

Always focused on action, Erwin makes a living while improving the world. Erwin is founder and co-owner of Nature^Squared. Erwin’s mission is the creation of products with a positive impact on planet Earth. Erwin cannot think within borders (according to Erwin himself) and thus comes up with unconventional solutions that inspire action, especially within agriculture and within the connection between biodiversity and supply chains. Erwin likes challenges and is creative and also director of his company Sterkur, that manufactures physiotherapeutic products with a positive impact on the planet. Erwin is also appointed professor ‘Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas’ at the HAS University of Applied Sciences.

Analyst and connector. Iris works on achieving a just and inclusive world and views sustainable agriculture as the crucial link. After her degree on Social Geography (University of Copenhagen), she started working at Nature^Squared. As befits a true geographer, she easily switches between different scale levels and knows how to combine economic, environmental and social questions. Iris brings valuable international experience and mainly works on delivering projects for our corporate clients, with a specific focus on the transformation of supply chains.

Lotte van Helden

Pieter Post

Jennie Zhou

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+31 6 - 27 56 20 70

Both striker and flying keep. After performing an impressive internship, Lotte was asked to join Nature^Squared and now combines her master's degree Water Management (University of Utrecht) with working parttime at Nature^Squared to commit her organizational and analytical talents to a greener world. Lotte is not just a scoring striker at field hockey, in the office, she is a team player who gives the finishing touch to score with a project.

Likes to get things done and dares to dream. Pieter is an all-round project manager and driven to generate tangible results in his role as lead on Sustainable Agriculture. Passionate about radically sustainable solutions, Pieter strives to make a systemic change with his work. Key to his working style is stakeholder engagement and collaboration. Due to his earlier experience at start-ups Pieter is ready to bring fresh ideas and solutions to agriculture. 

Joyful and energetic. Jennie is open-minded, eager to learn, and does not shy away from a challenge. She is educated in International Accounting at the Jiangxi University and she is currently following her master's degree in Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. She used her analytical skills among others as a chief accountant in a Chinese law firm for two years. At Nature^Squared, she works on the development of "Accounting for a Better Planet": a natural capital framework for SMEs to measure impacts and dependencies and steer towards positive change.


Currently, we do not have any open vacancies. We are however always keen to hear from motivated and ambitious candidates so we keen retain your interest for any future vacancies. Please send us your resume and motivation letter through


Also, we are always open to accommodate ambitious students looking for an internship opportunity. At the moment, we have the following internship projects available.

Internship: Supply chains

How to turn the negative impact of fossil based products within your supply chain into a positive impact?

Profile: Environment & Resource Management, Environmental sciences

Internship: Biodiversity stress test for the financial sector

The Dutch Bank has carried out climate stress tests for the financial sector. What would such a stress test look like if it would be applied on biodiversity?

Profile: econometrics, corporate finance.

Internship: Financing Nature-based Solutions

There seems to be a mismatch between finance and nature projects. On hand there is plenty of money looking for projects, on the other hand most projects are looking for money. Do you want to figure this out and continue or work on this topic?

Profile: accountancy, business administration, environmental sciences, sustainability