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Our projects



Project: Nature^Squared supports Justdiggit in their mission of cooling down the planet.

Province of Noord-Holland

Project: Nature^Squared has developed different methods to protect meadow birds in the Bovenkerkerpolder without relying on subsidies.

Province of Overijssel

Project: Nature^Squared has mapped and identified the opportunities for entrepreneurs in the sectors of the agricultural sector, leisure, and manufacturing industry to enhance their link with Natural Capital.

HAS University of Applied Sciences Den Bosch / Province of Noord-Brabant

Project: Nature^Squared is asked, partly commissioned by the Province of Noord-Brabant, to develop the research program "Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas" at HAS University of Applied Sciences.

ANV Utrechtse Venen

Project: Nature^Squared has studied the possibilities of selling ecosystem services in the Netherlands.

Royal A-ware

Project: Nature^Squared has developed the biodiversity programme for Royal A-ware.

Platform 31 / Ministry of Economics

Project: Nature^Squared has supported the community TEEB for cities and collaborated on the development of the web environment of the TEEB for cities tool.

More projects

Companies & Supply Chains
Green Cities
Landscape Restoration
Rural Areas

Green Crown

We organized the Green Crown (Groene Kroon) competition for the province of Utrecht. This competition was aimed at rewarding initiatives that protect and increase biodiversity within the province of Utrecht. Over 40 submissions were received and two winners were chosen, the public’s choice and a...

Sustainable agriculture islands of Zuid-Holland

For the province Zuid-Holland we have explored dream pictures for sustainable agriculture on the islands of Zuid-Holland. We have visualised these dream pictures after exploration.

A creative completion of the Beekberger Forest

The Beekberger Forest, situated south of Apeldoorn,  was the last remaining primeval forest in the Netherlands. It was transformed to agriculture in 1871. In 2006, the Dutch nature conservancy Natuurmonumenten reestablished the western part as a natural forest. Commissioned by the Municipality of Apeldoorn, Nature^Squared...

Biodiversity levels on Wieringen after land consolidation

STIVAS has asked us to analyze two land consolidation scenario’s for the former island of Wieringen on on their performance for both agriculture and biodiversity. We performed desk research, field research and interview all the relevant stakeholders. Based on our research, we were able to...


Nature^Squared assisted the Netherlands Enterprise Agency in developing a digital environment for their Natural Captains platform, a network for frontrunner companies on the topics of biodiversity and natural capital.

Natural Capital Academy

Nature^Squared partnered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in organizing the Natural Capital Academy, a series of master classes on Natural Capital for selected students of Dutch universities. It culminated in student presentations at the national conference on Natural Capital, also hosted by the Dutch...

The birth of Hotel Cuijk Park

Nature^Squared has advised Van der Valk Hotel Cuijk on the creation of a 16 hectare park. We provided with insights in the benefits for the hotel itself and the wider area, we involved the local community and we gave an overview of all the financial...

Golden Bittern

Nature^Squared organized the Golden Bittern (Gouden Roerdomp) competition for two consecutive editions. The competition aimed to stimulate existing initiatives on biodiversity within the Province of North Holland. Each entry was evaluated against the criteria of impact, business model and innovativeness. The prize is awarded to...

Ambassador Green Infrastructure

The Province of Utrecht wants to set a new standard and make green building the new normal. This requires innovative solution for the inclusion of biodiversity in spatial planning and design, especially while fitting in economic activities. The new Dutch law on Nature Conservation sets...

Edges of the City

Apeldoorn is a real outdoors city. The “Edges of the City”-program is aimed at seizing opportunities to increase the significance of the rural areas bordering the city for its citizens. It aims to enhance the urban-rural connections and increase the overall quality of the landscape...

New business models for peat meadow dairy farming

De Graafstroom is a Dutch cheese manufacturer operating in the middle of peat meadow landscape, which suffers from several challenges, such as greenhouse gas emissions, soil subsidence and decreased incomes for farmers. Nature^Squared helped De Graafstroom in developing the outlines for new business cases for...