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Pig perfume

What could art mean for the transition in the agricultural sector? Artist Cathalijne Smulders and architect Tanja Schell worked for a project of the CALL (Circular Art Lab Limburg) to define the smell of pigs and the pig farming industry. When people think of the…

Together for nature!

How do you take care of the quality of life in the future in cities and villages for both animals and humans? And how do you make sure that nature and economic projects will not bother each other? Tom is leading a Community of Practise…

Crop Field/Nature Field

The Crop Field/Nature field project brings together crop agriculture and biodiversity in one and the same acre of land. A radically different approach, but feasible nevertheless, it created a landscape design and crop rotation that combines economic outputs with biodiversity levels similar to nature reserves….

Climate adaptation and biodiversity

Benthe about her project: “I am currently working on the linking of biodiversity to climate adaptation. Adaptation of the city to the changing climate, climate adaptation, is on the agenda of many municipalities in the Netherlands. Municipalities plant, for example, more greenery for water storage…